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PD Avengers & PMD Alliance

Tucson, AZ
United States

Is this a virtual event?

What and who are PD Avengers? A global alliance of advocates with the goal of ending Parkinson’s who, inspired by the book “Ending Parkinson’s” were drawn together with a vision to live out the concept of the PD PACT (Prevent, Advocate, Care, and Treat) and to promote the idea “Think Global, Act Local”. Like superheroes trying to rid the world of evil, the name PD Avengers was born. Join Neurologist Indu Subramanian from the PMD Alliance in a special series about the role and work of the PD Avengers. Our first conversation will be centered around the original story of how this global alliance of advocates united featuring Soania Mathur, MD a retired internal medicine physician living with PD and Tim Hague, Amazing Race Canada winner, author, inspirational speaker and U-Turn Parkinson’s founder.
Join us at 12pm PT.

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