High Level Advocacy Meeting For Accountability on NCDs in Nigeria Share

NCD Alliance Nigeria

NCD Alliance Nigeria. 14, Jibowu Street, Yaba Lagos
Lagos 101212

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Desk review of policies relating to NCDs prevention, treatment and care of PLWNCDs in the country will be conducted. Scientific literature, newspaper and online media will be reviewed to obtain information relating to prevalence of NCDs and the experience of PLWNCDs in the areas of access to treatment and care and data will be obtained on COVID-19 morbidity and mortality especially as they relate to NCDs. Representatives of PLWNCDs including Pensioners Association, most of who suffer from one or a combination of NCDs and who have neither been paid gratuity nor receiving pensions for many years after their retirement will be sensitized and mobilized to participate in engagement with government demanding better commitments to implementation of policies that affect their access to treatment and care. The CEOs and political heads of SSHIAs and SPHCDAs as well as the Speakers of the House of Assembly and Chairmen of the Committees on Health in 14 states in Nigeria will be sensitized and mobilized to participate in a virtual meeting where the salient commitments of government to NCDs prevention, treatment and care of PLWNCDs as well as the current status of poor implementation of such commitments will be discussed. A communiqué will be issued at the end of the meeting which shall be widely publicized through a media release as well as social media dissemination using #ActOnNCDs.

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