Virtual event

Act on NCDS and Build Back Better hosted by the South African Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance

The SA NCDs Alliance, established in 7 years ago, is a civil society partnership between three trusted NCDs advocacy organisations: CANSA, Diabetes SA and the Heart & Stroke Foundation SA.
Its mission is for the people of South Africa have equitable access to quality NCDs+ prevention and management within universal health coverage/ NHI.
For this important COVID-19 and NCDs+ advocacy project nearly 90 civil society organisations are collaborating
• Cancer Alliance South Africa
• Dementia South Africa
• Epilepsy South Africa
• Global Mental Health Peer Network
• Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) SA
• National Kidney Foundation SA
• Palliative Treatment for Children SA (PatchSA)
• South African Disability Alliance
• South African Federation for Mental Health
The SA NCDs Alliance's goal in this programme it to ensure that the policy window of opportunity opened by the COVID-19 pandemic is used to make NCDs a priority in government policy through collaboration with NCDs civil society to put it on a par with HIV & TB.
Diabetes helpline +27-81-578-6636