The 2024 Global Week for Action on NCDs aims to deliver one clear message to governments, donors, international agencies, and the private sector.

The Time to Lead is Now

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), such as cancers, diabetes, mental health conditions and many others, are the #1 cause of death and disability worldwide. They account for 74% of all deaths and more than three out of four years lived with a disability. If no clear action is taken to reverse this trend, deaths from NCDs could rise to 52 million — or the population of South Korea — per year by 2030.

There is no doubt that we have the commitments and the solutions to create a healthier world for all, making this a crucial moment for governments and decision-makers to turn intent to action.

We have precious little time to get it right. The fourth UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs in September 2025 is where pledges must become reality.

It’s time to move from words to action on NCDs. Together we can spark the necessary change for NCDs. IT'S TIME TO LEAD.

join us on this Global Week for Action to send that message to decision-makers loud and clear!