City Health National Physical Activity Day in Fort Portal

Increased physical activity is one of the major ways of preventing and controlling Non-communicable Diseases.

We, City Health Group, a public health advocacy group contributing towards the prevention and better control of Diabetes and Hypertension, find the National Physical Activity Day very important. The government of Uganda doesn't have enough resources to celebrate this day and conduct all the necessary activities.
We have therefore partnered with K.Vine Hospital and Bakann Fitness Centre in the city of Fort Portal (Western Uganda) to lead the celebration of this day on 13th July 2024.

We will use this day to remind and teach the population the role of increased physical activity activity in the fight against NCDs. We will teach them the recommended physical activities that will benefit their cardiovascular and metabolic health. On this day, we will offer free screening for Diabetes and Hypertension to the people of Tooro. This will decrease the alarming proportions of undiagnosed patients of Diabetes and Hypertension. We will then link all patients to appropriate medical care.
This event will be an annual campaign.

Bettering Health Care Together.

#ActOnNCDs #LeadOnNCDs

City Health Group,
Uganda-East Africa.