Diabetes and Hypertension Education Radio Talk Show in Runyoro-Rutooro

The fight against NCDs can't be fought without the patients of these conditions. I am glad the NCD Alliance appreciates this fact, and has even organized a plenary session at the 4th Global NCD Forum to discuss the participation of patients and those at risk in the fight against NCDs.

Unlike Europe, USA and other English speaking countries, Uganda has a population of almost 45 million with over 30 local languages. Moreover, there aren't educational resources in any local languages to create awareness of NCDs(especially Diabetes and Hypertension) among the population. To combat this challenge, City Health Group through it's lead doctor-Dr. Kaija Denis, sponsors a local language radio show in Runyoro-Rutooro dedicated to educating about the conditions of Diabetes and Hypertension. We believe that Ugandans will appreciate these conditions better if they understand them in their local languages. They will know that they exist, they will understand the risk factors, and how they can prevent/control them. This will encourage more individuals to screen for Diabetes and Hypertension, which consequently reduces the alarming proportions of undiagnosed Diabetes and Hypertension.

We continue the health education and guidance sessions through our open phone contacts when off air. Thousands have benefited from this program, and will continue to benefit.

Bettering Health Care Together.

City Health Group,
Uganda-East Africa.