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Meaningful involvement of persons living with NCDs in Kenya

COVID-19 pandemic revealed gaps in NCDs control in Kenya and impacted negatively on the lives of persons living with NCDS (PLWNCDS). COVID-19 has provided a pivotal point for action on NCDs. NCDAK will participate in the Global Week of Action 2020 through activities, led by PLWNCDS members of NCDAK, that seek to demand for government accountability in meaningful involvement of PLWNCDs.
• Advocate for involvement of PLWNCDs in health and NCDs policy reviews.
• Advocate for the involvement of PLWNCDs in COVID-19 response.
• Advocate for increased participation of PLWNCDs in oversight and accountability within the health sector and other relevant government sectors where they are inadequately represented.
Target audience: Persons living with NCDs, policy makers and legislators, organisations working in NCD prevention and control, youth, older persons, religious leaders, healthcare providers, media, public
1. Letter to the Cabinet Secretary of Health and Cabinet Secretary of Labour and Social Protection, Parliamentary Health Committee, and NCD focal persons at the Ministry of Health to address health priorities for PLWNCDs.
2. Media engagement on meaningful involvement of PLWNCDs. Opinion editions and articles on meaningful involvement of PLWNCDs and broadcast interviews.
3. Voices of change and 7-DAYS-7-MESSAGES social media campaign will highlight 7 key priority areas for inclusion of the PWLNCDs in various decision-making sectors. NCDs Policy review report and findings of the PLWNCDs mapping exercise will be shared concurrently with the 7 ‘ASKS’
4. GWA webinar discussion on meaningful involvement of PLWNCDs to discuss progress in commitments made for NCD prevention and control and possible recommendations
Expected outcomes:
Increased meaningful involvement of Person Living with Non-Communicable Diseases in decision making processes via:
• Involvement of PLWNCDs in Health/NCDs Policy Review in Kenya
• Greater involvement of PLWNCDs in the Covid-19 response in Kenya
• Increased participation of PLWNCDs in oversight and accountability within the health sector in Kenya
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