NCD risk factors screening and advocacy for meaningful involvement of PLWNCDs in Burundi

During the Global Week for Action on NCDs, the BNCDA will host a two-day campaign.

The first day will be dedicated to community health screenings. We intend to screen for NCD risk factors such as blood glucose, blood pressure, BMI, and waist circumference. Burundi NCD Alliance (BNCDA) and APREPIDIA will fix the exact location and identify the team who will facilitate the screening. Community health workers, in collaboration with local leaders, will invite residents to come for screening.

Many people are unaware of their diabetes status or other NCD risk factors. After collecting samples and measurements, we will provide health education to attendees in the screening activity. Results will be announced by well-communicating health professionals who will explain to the various people their health status as revealed by the tests and the related health advice.

Besides, we will be collecting the views and voices of PLWNCDs who have come for screening to be used for the second activity day as stories to advocate for their full involvement in decision-making. This workshop will bring various decision-makers from Burundi, such as healthcare professionals, people living with NCDs, CSOs, and the media personalities.

That advocacy workshop will provide an excellent opportunity for PLWNCDs to express their feelings and needs. For the BNCDA, this will be an opportunity to discuss and promote the Global Charter on NCDs as part of the alliance's ongoing activities in this area. The current media will be invited to contribute to this fight by relaying key messages to their audiences via press releases that highlight BNCDA messages. Further, BNCDA will use its social media platform to highlight the necessity to involve PLWNCDS in policymaking and planning