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'Picture your Health' - Our Health Our Responsibility

1-‘Picture your health’ - Our Health Our responsibility

Children are our future and set the example. To prevent NCDs it's important to start at a young age, with raising the awareness of owning your own health, by making good life style choices. Raising a family isn’t easy. Everyone is always busy: parents, children, even grandparents. There is a lot to do in little time, especially in Egypt where the circumstances aren't always optimal. But the stakes are high, especially in a difficult societal environment, where the best healthcare is not easy available for many. Parents, grandparent, but also the children can be obese, have overweight.

A healthy active lifestyle can help maintain weight. It can also prevent health issues, such as NCDs. It is therefore important to create healthy habits early on.

To create awareness at children, NCDA-Egypt organized a drawing competition for children. They had to think, imagine their most healthy situation and circumstances, for now and in the future as an adult. Regarding lifestyle: eating habits, healthy exercise, the danger of smoking plus air pollution, hygiene - also regarding COVID-19 (washing hands on regular base, shower). The top 3 kids will be awarded by cash prizes. If children are challenged, parents will see and then the word is spread.

The organization and implementation of the competition and actions as result of the competition are covered by patients living with NCDs and/or caregivers of NCD-patients. The success of creating awareness is after all dependent on a solid network that becomes bigger with every action and activity.