Virtual event

Pushing for progress - Act On NCDs Online Webinar

For the right of health to be realized, there is a need for a strong civil society & network of health to cultivate stronger health systems, represent the voices of patients and hold both government and private sector accountable for the commitments that they make nationally, regionally & globally. EgNCDA will host an online webinar with participation of representatives from the Egyptian ministry of health, regional and global NCDs alliances & Upjohn Pfizer in the presence of media, youth and Plwncds.
Public and healthcare professional go side by side in aiming for the best prevention, care and treatment of NCDs, plus the necessary awareness for it.

This webinar aims to:
-Empower civil society , Governments, pharmaceutical industry & media to be advocates around health rights, holding Governments Accountable for their Health Commitments
-Ensuring that NCDs prevention and control getting the attention and action they deserve.

-Generate momentum for PCP educational progress with stakeholders in Egypt.
-Announcement of Beta NCDs program release as a result of collaboration of Egyptian NCDA with Upjohn Pfize