Raising Attention, Promoting Accountability on NCDs at local and national levels in Cameroon

Under the banner of “Raising Attention, Promoting Accountability on NCDs at Local and National levels in Cameroon” The Cameroon CS NCD Alliance will be mounting the national stage with activities to raise awareness on NCDs and the need for accountability regarding desired prevention and control SDG targets. The theme for this year’s Week of Action on NCDs is “Accountability”. Activities will put persons living with NCDs at the center of essence for the Week’s action.
1. Social Media Activities by all members
2. Inclusive games at the Baptist Center by CBCHS
3. Advocacy visits to Mayor, and MoH by CBCHS
4. Radio Talk shows by CBCHS, RADA, and C3T
5. Panel Discussion by RADA
6. Tweet Chats by RADA
7. Interactive online Q&A on NCDs by RADA
8. Zoom Conference – in Collaboration with CORE Group by RADA
9. Patient meeting – by CBCHS
10. Press briefing /Conference by RADA and C3t
11. Health Talks in Churches by CBCHS
12. Publication of statements by all members
13. NCD Tracts sharing at a Major market by C3t
14. Zoom Webinar by Rural Doctors

Raising Needed Attention, Promoting Accountability on NCDs in Cameroon