Run For NCDs - Our Health Our Responsibility

Run for NCD’s – Our Health Our responsibility

Everyone knows that physical activity is crucial to live healthy lifestyle.

In Egypt, most of the people are busy with hard work to secure better living conditions, so it is often difficult to do exercises after.

After work most people sit in front of TV with family or freinds.

It is therefore important to put a social aspect into an activity challenge where children and parents run through a part of a city where people are used seeing just cars and transport with them.

Through this event we also aim to attract the attention of the community around.

During this event we aim to provide information about NCDs through professionals, let people share their stories in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Our message: Exercising is fun, it brings you joy, relaxation and its good for the body.

Furthermore, one really doesn’t need a fancy expensive gym for healthy happily exercising: everyone can do activities by themselves with their beloved ones.

During this event, we will make sure that everything will be safe from is COVID19 : masks, distance and necessary hygiene.

Also, we will inform the public about Covid19 precausions during this activity.

The organization and implementation of the competition and actions as result of this competition will cover people living with NCDs.

The success of raising awareness depends on a solid network that becomes bigger with every action and activity.