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'Tell it forward’ - Our Health Our responsibility

2-'Tell it forward’ - Our Health Our responsibility

The power of the stories.

No one can stimulate more to be healthy and to stay healthy than someone you can relate to. Hearing the best advice from a doctor is important, but doesn’t stimulate as much as hearing it from someone who can be your neighbor, your colleague. Influencers from within the community: they set the example. Thats why we started the ’Tell it forward’ competition. Share your story with our community: how did you lose the weight, succeeded to quit smoking and change your lifestyle? How did you overcome the difficult moments that led to your succes? And in these terrible times of COVID-19, we of course also want to hear from the community and Plwncds what they have done to handle their own COVID-situation in the best accountable way. People inspire people.

The organization and implementation of the competition and actions as result of the competition are covered by patients living with NCDs and/or caregivers of NCD-patients. The success of creating awareness is after all dependent on a solid network that becomes bigger with every action and activity. The best 3 stories will be awarded cash prizes.