Virtual event

Webinar: A Health Accountability Framework, Holding Governments Accountable for their Health Commitments


Date: September 8, 2020

Time: 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm EAT


Promoting a strong civil society can only be achieved when there is improved access and reproductive health while also advocating for good governance and equitable health financing. To achieve this, there is need for a strong civil society and network of health stewards to initiate discussion and reforms and hold both private and the government accountable for the commitments that they make nationally, regionally and globally. They will in turn cultivate stronger health systems and share their expert knowledge in an effort to shape health policies and represent the voices of fellow citizens who are unable to realize their right to health.

For the right to health to be realized, we have acknowledged the importance of the right to health index, a health accountability framework that is grounded in the recognition that having health accountability needs to move away from using general statistics and instead put focus on progress towards identifying specific indicators for use in human rights. It is hoped that this will in turn facilitate the implementation and attainment of the objectives associated with the realization of health as a human right and Universal Health Coverage.

Objectives of the Webinar

The human rights index webinar seek to empower Amref staff, Governments, and CSO’s alike to be advocates around health rights, to use the Index to monitor progress made regarding their countries health rights and to share experiences globally on how best to infuse rights in programming especially now that COVID-19 has exposed the limitations that countries have in adhering to the right to health and more collaboration.