Weekly radio talk show - Understanding hypertension and diabetes

City Health is a public health advocacy group contributing to efforts of better prevention and management of Non-communicable Diseases of Diabetes and Hypertension.

City Health sponsors our lead doctor-Dr. Kaija Denis (MBChB, IDF Certifications in Diabetes, PGD-Communication) for a weekly radio talk show focussed on understanding of Hypertension and Diabetes by the local population. This radio session called "Obwomeezi Kikuru" is delivered in the local language of Runyoro-Rutooro on Tooro's oldest and biggest radio station-Voice of Tooro.

We use this show to rally individuals and communities affected by Diabetes and Hypertension or at risk of these two conditions for better management and prevention. We believe that understanding these two conditions by the patients and caretakers is the very first solution to managing them better. Managing them better delays and prevents devastating complications.

This show further reminds leaders and policy makers to continue contributing to the global fight against NCDs.

Bettering Health Care Together.

#LeadOnNCDs #ActOnNCDs