A new WHO report 'Global mapping report on multisectoral action to strengthen the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases and mental health conditions' highlighting experiences from around the world, was launched yesterday at an online event organised by the World Health Organization (WHO), World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) and NCD Alliance (NCDA).

Publication of the report marks the start of the Global Week for Action on NCDs which began yesterday 14 September and brings together civil society organisations from around the world calling on governments to ensure that everyone has access to quality healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay, where they live or who they are. This must include care for Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs).

The report provides an overview of the implementation of multisectoral actions to tackle the burden of NCDs and mental health conditions. It highlights the actions across sectors that have been widely applied and others that should be developed and implemented more extensively. You can explore these and other multisectoral initiatives in the interactive repository on the WHO Knowledge Action Portal on NCDs.

“Chronic diseases are the leading cause of mortality and disability worldwide. Only working collaboratively across governments, civil society, academia and private sector, will this major health crisis be tackled”, said Jimena Márquez Donaher, NCDA Director of Communications.

Over 20 per cent of the world’s eight billion people live with at least one NCD such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Each year NCDs cause 41 million deaths and drive millions of households into poverty. It has been projected that by 2030, NCD deaths could reach 52 million per year, adding a significant burden to communities and health systems. This number is being driven upward by a growing population and by ever-increasing exposure to risk factors like unhealthy diets, tobacco, alcohol, and air pollution.

The virtual event co-hosted by the WHO, WDF and NCDA “Towards achieving Universal Health Coverage: Multistakeholder Gathering on Tackling Noncommunicable Diseases” explored some of the country experiences included in the report. Watch the full recording here.

Led by the NCD Alliance, the Global Week for Action (GW4A) on NCDs provides a unifying platform for the global NCD movement to call upon governments, organisations, and individuals to act on NCD prevention and care and to leave no one behind. The Global Week for Action on NCDs unites the NCD movement every September, concentrating our combined efforts with the aim of reducing the NCD burden globally and increasing health and equality. Actions can be big or small - the power of the Global Week comes through collaboration across countries and sectors.

This year’s Global Week for Action on NCDs coincides with the United Nations High-Level Meeting (HLM) on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) on 21 September, which offers the opportunity for governments to agree on specific actions to achieve UHC by 2030, a commitment previously made by all world leaders. At least half of the world’s population does not currently have full coverage of essential health services. Most of these people live in low- and middle-income countries. 

Under the tagline 'The moment for caring', this year we call on governments and heads of state to bridge the NCD care gap and uphold their commitments to UHC, ensuring that everyone has access to the healthcare that they need, without risk of financial hardship, and regardless of where they live or who they are.

The moment for caring about people with noncommunicable diseases is now.

Get involved in the Year of Bridging the Care Gap. 50% of the world’s people still do not have access to essential health services, despite healthcare being a human right. The Global Week for Action offers opportunities for everyone to play a role in changing that.

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