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July 13, 2021

This week, we have published three new handy guides to help you as you plan your Global Week for Action on NCDs campaign activities: the Online/Public Events Guide, the Communications Guide, and Tips for Organising Small Yet Impactful Activities.  

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Our Online/Public Events Guide can help you to organise gatherings, virtual dialogues or webinars, walks, marches, flash mobs, video clips and more. These kinds of activities are a very visible opportunity to gather groups of people supporting your cause - and they don’t need to cost much to organise.

In the Communications Guide, we offer tips and tools for you to engage with media and raise awareness of your priorities and messages. Through press meetings, social media, and traditional media you can tap into the momentum of the globally unified NCD movement.

And finally, in Tips for Organising Small Yet Impactful Activities, you’ll find…well, just that! You don’t need to organise a big event to have a huge impact – especially with COVID-19 rules still in effect. Take a look at our tips and suggestions. They may help you to make sure your contribution makes a difference to the momentum of the global NCD movement!

How will you act on NCDs this year? We can’t wait to find out.