NCDA Advocacy Priorities for 2023 UN HLM on UHC cover
Policy brief
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We call on Heads of State and Government to engage at the high-level meeting and take the lead in the progressive realisation of universal health coverage (UHC) by ensuring equity in their UHC health benefits packages across the three dimensions of financial, population, and service coverage, and to meet the needs of people living with NCDs.

This document lays out NCD Alliance’s four priorities to accelerate progress on the implementation of NCDs prevention and care policy globally and to achieve UHC:

  1. INVEST in the prevention and control of NCDs through adequate, predictable, and sustained resources for UHC.
  2. ACCELERATE UHC implementation by including quality NCD prevention and care services in country UHC health benefit packages.
  3. ALIGN development and global health priorities to achieve UHC.
  4. ENGAGE people living with NCDs to keep UHC people-centered.

Learn more about each of these Advocacy Priorities, and our comprehensive prioritity list of Advocacy Asks for the 2023 United Nations High-Level Meeting on UHC for the progressive realisation of UHC in the lead up to 2030!